7 thoughts on “Meeting Marco Rubio

  1. What a great opportunity for the boys! Those were always fun times for me, when my parents took us to meet candidates when I was a kid.

    I’m not so thrilled about Rubio though–his property tax reform (to me) seemed to be a poorly designed idea at the worst time in Florida when property values took a dive. Now we can’t pay for basic government functions! And his comments about American college students being the best educated anywhere probably wouldn’t sit well with my sister who teaches really bright kids overseas! :(

  2. He has mine and my husband’s vote. So glad we will have an alternative to Crist! He’s always had the whiff of RINO.

  3. Rebekah, I can understand having mixed feelings about candidates. Overall, I like what I see in Rubio. Btw, been missing you lately. . .

    Sem / Patricia, the boys really enjoyed meeting him. *grin*

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