8 thoughts on “Randomness. . .

  1. TG, just stopping in to say Happy Anniversary! My husband and I ALSO celebrated our 14th this year! Yay for July 29th!
    I’m glad to hear about your schooling plans and your boys’ interests! We, too, had a busy week with VBS at church this week. It was our oldest boy’s first year to be a helper instead of a participant. It was a joy to see him step into that leadership role with grace and love for the little ones and respect for his elders.
    Peace to you all!

  2. Happy Anniversary….tho i got the date wrong again….:(. cannot wait to see ya’ll and dad and i are getting out schedules cleared so we can have fun together. hooray. i’ve been making hummus pretty regularly lately, too. :). hmmmmm…..us! haha! mom

  3. any chance I could steal you for a cup of coffee while you are up here? I am going on a long vacation at the end of the month… when will you be in Chicago?

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