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  4. The story is now spreading to a larger audience, and unfortunately the name of Christ is being dragged through the mud as well.


    I will not be writing about this myself just yet, because I am too close to the situation. I intend to wait at least until after the funeral, and after the results of the autopsy are released.

    When I do write, I will likely have two separate foci, because I have a very real obligation as a Christian to love not only the innocent, but the guilty.

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  10. Yes, your closing cry is just what God would have us be on behalf of these wounded children and those who have wounded them. God is allowing the hidden darknesses in the hearts of His people to come to the light. And you’d be absolutely aghast to know that this sin of child abuse and wife abuse is not only rampant in homeschooling families who profess to follow the Bible but have twisted hearts and minds because they have rejected the word of the Lord (Hos. 4:6) — but take a gander at the unclothing of this sin in the chosen people, the firstborn of God, the Jewish nation. Just do your own research by googling “Jewish child abuse.” The links will astound you. But we must be vessels of mercy who pray and intercede with all our hearts for all nations — first and foremost to have any hidden darkness that lurks in our own hearts — such as pointing the finger and hating the brethren. I have just been through years of wandering because I had “mentally” forgiven those who hurt friends, brethren. But I had not forgiven them from the heart. And eventually, I began to sense that all my worship and service lacked the presence of the Holy Spirit — I had grieved God by hating my brother or sister. And I didn’t even see it as the hatred it was in his sight. If we have hatred in our hearts for others members of the body of Christ, God calls that the sin of murder. God, help each of us see our own hearts and repent personally of our pride and self-righteousness, of our lack of love and delight for each of your needy people. For if we’ve done it unto the least of these, your brethren, we’ve done it unto you.

  11. Hi, I’m wondering if you did your full research on the Pearls or just lashing out at them cause at one point they might’ve said or wrote something that you were convicted of? They aren’t perfect, but I doubt that these deaths are their fault. Sounds like the parents were abusive from the beinging, they might’ve used first time obediance as an excuse to try &* put God in their abuse. I saw you have a link to the EZZO’S , they to speak about 1st time obedience. So is this their fault too?? Or do you just prefere it coming from them then some Hillbillys??

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