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  1. Thanks for this, tulipgirl. Very well written. These teachings must be exposed for what they really are. I’m thankful that God mercifully opened my eyes to that truth. For that I’m forever grateful to Him.

  2. Thank you for your posts on this. It is so disturbing to hear what is written in their books! I just don’t understand how anyone could possibly think that this would be God’s will for parenting. Where is the Grace, Mercy and Love!
    Thanks again, I will be linking to this post!

  3. There is another HOMESCHOOLING organization to check out. The Shatzes went to a homeschooling retreat the last part of January in Sacramento-this time the offending group was from Leavenworth Kansas-by the way theres a prison there-ominous and sort of prophetic-its too bad the Shatzes caught decieved by this other homeschooling wolf…yes they are indeed clever wolves in sheeps clothing
    Titus2.com but they are so sick I nearly threw up from reading their material-Its not the gospel-its another gospel and They ARE the vipers (though very clever) and making lots of money-anyway…they ARE the ones Jesus railed against-now I know WHY he was SO angry at the hypocrits…they lay HEAVY burdens on people only sick

  4. It’s amazing how much evil people can get away with by promoting themselves as God’s chosen spokesmen. The Pearls are con artists, laughing all the way to the bank at the misery they cause.

  5. This style of parenting makes a child terrified. If one’s parents are causing such pain, how can the world be any good? How can any love relationship be healthy, when one expects harm from the closest people in one’s life? How can one develop trust?

  6. And really, is that the example God gives us? Does He sit on us and punish us until we cry “uncle”? He is righteous and just, and patient. This just makes me so sad.

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  8. Thanks Tulip Girl! You said on the net what I have been saying in my home and on my phone since I first heard of this.

    May the mercy of God be ever in our minds as we parent our children…

  9. As I read comments and posts about this hither and thither, I can’t help but wonder when people are going to bring up and make the connection that psychologists and sociologists made a while back, but it’s related (as I understand) to the Gospel as well.

    This is doing violence. Much of the Church has historically understood the Christian vocation as nonviolent, especially before it was secularized with Constantine. If children are taught violence when they break the rules or make their parents mad, they are being trained to not turn the other cheek, but rather to offer the right hook.

    This is an extreme example, and I grew up getting spankings. I turned out the better for it, but much of the mindset of resorting to violence for disciplining children is taken too far and is not grounded enough in behavior modification strategies that are equally productive.

  10. Pull down your pants.
    Put your hands on the tub.
    Bend over.

    Just like that ~ it is very direct. Step by step.

    In addition to the elements others have suggested, when you bring in the shame of nakedness even when children hit puberty, this compounds all the issues further.

    I think I was shocked when I first discovered that all children do not get spanked naked.

  11. Wow – I’m just shocked someone would write the things they wrote! That is outrageous and those sorts of things shouldn’t even be allowed. I always have a hard time spanking my son and when I do it is usually one swat to his backside with my hand – just to get his attention. Discipline isn’t for punishment, but for correction – something the Pearls need to learn.

  12. Thank you for your work to expose the Pearls and those like them. I just did a little bit of research and found terrifying similarities between the Pearls’ methods and brainwashing. I’ve posted it on my blog, and I wanted to let you know about it in case it can help you get the word out. God bless you!

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  15. I thank you for bringing this issue to my attention and peaking my interest in it. As I read through some of the Pearls writings, I realized that this must be the author my now ex husband was reading when our kids were little and before they were born. He had an older son and used some of these methods for him. I didn’t realize where it was coming from, until recently.

    Fortunately, he took the part ‘never spanking in anger’ seriously. Since he was always angry, he left the dicipline to me for the most part. It was a good thing. I spanked on occasion, but never with the flavor the Pearls describe. I cringe that this was the mindset of my then husband and feel like I dodged a bullet.

    “You can no more beat sin out of your child, then someone else can beat the sin out of you.” These words ring true and stick in my head.

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