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  1. I’ve been following your blog for several years – mostly lurking, but I always have appreciated your approach to parenting. We are about to have our first in just 5 weeks (!!) give or take, and I was wondering what books do you recommend. I’ve had several people talk about the ezzo’s book, but from my own research i don’t think it’s something I’m interested in. But I would like to read something about Godly parenting. I’d love to know what you liked.

  2. Thanks. I’m publicizing this on Facebook so that no one I know will buy that horrible book or follow the Pearls’ instructions.

  3. These Pearls seriously need to be bought down. I can’t take the idea of more kids being hurt because of their stupid cruel practices.

    Maybe a start is getting amazon to stop selling their book?

  4. Hi, I just came across your blog, and this story sickens me, too.
    It is truly dumbfounding how perfectly normal people can believe, and follow to the letter, such horrendous things.
    I think sometimes one of the biggest problems in the Church tends to be, surprisingly, the issue of unconditional love. Sometimes, especially if a superior of any kind is mildly abusing you, one is told to just let love cover sin. Just forgive, we’re told, and the pain will be replaced with love and joy. Sometimes in stead of trying to deal with the issues at hand, we almost try to make up excuses for that person. Oh well, they really love me but because they’re frustrated with me, they’re acting this way and saying these things.
    The children will be in my thoughts and prayers.

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  6. This kind of stuff happens in many ‘well meaning’ families in fundamentalist homes. From my experience of watching this kind of stuff happen, and while I totally do not support NGJ anymore, it goes deeper than just the Pearls. It’s legalism that breeds this style of ‘discipline’ and it starts with mind control first. Lots of fear based behavior modification (manipulation). Speaking out about this is the right thing to do, but I think we need to dig deeper and expose all of it.

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