Ezzo Week 2010: Else Web 2

Joining in the Ezzo Week conversation this week. . .

Pastor Bob Bixby shares ongoing concerns he’s had with the Ezzo parenting materials, especially the impact GKGW has on parents. While a lot of the Ezzo discussions revolve around Babywise, I have very strong concerns about the materials for toddlers and older children. Pastor Bixby highlights some of those as well as some key concerns related to parents.

The Savage’s Lair has shared thoughts on The Irony of Ezzo and AP, and her thoughts have spanned several years and babies. It’s very worth reading parts 1, 2, and 3.

Megan and SortaCrunchy continues her series about how to winsomely share with other people about your Ezzo parenting concerns. It is important to me to really encourage other mothers, and that can be done while still sharing concerns.

Related to that, sometimes it is important for churches to address the issues around Ezzo parenting with grace and gentleness. This is an example of a church which has done that in a way that respected all parents.

And while not specifying Gary Ezzo and Growing Kid’s God’s Way, this post by Pastor Greenwald addresses the presuppositions that almost all parents are prone to, There are No Bad Children, Only Bad Parents.

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This post is part of the Ezzo Week 2010 series. As a reminder, we are looking closely at a set of ideas, or “philosophy” as Gary Ezzo terms it – but not being critical of parents who are raising their children with love and the resources which they have.

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