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January 02, 2004

Oklahoma Lactivism

Kudos to Rep. John Carey, who is working on pro-breastfeeding legislation that will exclude breast-feeding women from public indecency laws and exempt from jury duty breast-feeding mothers and moms who may have a difficult time finding childcare.


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My first experience with public breast feeding was a few years ago on my first visit to a Roman Catholic church.

As we all stood to recite the Creed, I noticed that the woman directly in front of me did not rise. Instead, to my horror, she wrestled her gland through the front of her shirt and began giving suckle to her child.

This distracting spectacle went on just two or three feet in front of me for much much longer than I thought to be normal.

Later, to compound my sufferings (this RC church had a guitar praise band/worship team), the infant repeatedly dropped the same toy into my pew.

I'm unsure which was more revolting, the public breastfeeding, the Roman transubtantiation, or the worship team.

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Posted by: TulipGirl at January 17, 2004 04:26 AM

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