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January 23, 2004

Memories of Church

Earliest Memory. I have two: wailing and clinging to my mother at nursery school (which was located in our Congregational church) and sitting on my maternal grandmother's lap, reading cloth Bible books. -- the 100th Sheep

Oh, what a poignant illustration of why we need to think through family worship and how to include our children in corporate worship.


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A frequent objection to including children in church is that "There's too much going on there that they don't understand."

My response to that always is, "Then you're doing the wrong things in church." You just don't find a picture of worship in the Bible that is totally beyond the reach of children. It's not always totally comprehensible to them, but my little ones always enjoyed the singing even before they could participate, and by the age of two or three any child without certain special needs should be able to sit and listen respectfully to an older person talking even when they don't get most of it, and generally they get at least a little more of it than we think. (At least, they'll get some of it if the sermon is teaching and exhortation about God's will for us, His beloved children, rather than a theology lecture.) So what's the big hairy deal? ;-)

Posted by: pentamom at January 27, 2004 03:06 PM

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