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January 28, 2004

Prayers of Children

This afternoon, T6 was looking through the book, You Can Change the World--it's the kids version of Operation World.

He said, "Mom, I think there are some countries missing. Iraq isn't in here--and we need to pray for Iraq."

If you were here now you would almost feel Iraq bleeding from its wounds. You would almost see the palm trees weeping and shedding tears. You would almost hear the two rivers murmuring and moaning in pain. You would almost hear Baghdad wailing and crying for help. You would smell the tension in the air which even rain is unable to wash away. You would sense the years of deprivation and negligence in its soil. Who is trying to steal the smile from its weary face? Who is going to heal Iraq? Who is going to help it stand on its feet? And is this going to be the end to all its sorrows or is there more? from Healing Iraq

(via Marsupial Mom)


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