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January 31, 2004

Serving in Bam

I just read a moving letter about a short-term medical team that spent 13 days in Bam, Iran. Because the Islamic government restricts evangelism, the team worked at showing mercy and "preaching the Gospel" without words.

". . .one of my responsibilities was to counsel people that were going through severe grief from their loss of family members. And as a Christian, I would normally find out what had transpired, share the gospel where appropriate, read a portion of Scripture and pray with the family member. But most of those resources were not available options. However, God provided other resources as I was soon to find out. One of the first persons that I was asked to meet with was a woman who had lost 9 of her 12 children in the quake, and another 150 extended family members. What do I do -- what do I say? I learned from one of our translators that the book of Job was included in the Koran and was therefore able to draw on insights from Job and his sorrows as a source of comfort. . ."

Also, this week Hubby encouraged me to sign a petition that calls international bodies to hold the Iranian government accountable both for its ongoing human rights atrocities, and its criminal negligence with the Bam earthquake.

And, for staying up-to-date on what is going on in Iran, I recommend visiting Iran News Filter, Free Persia and Blog Iran.


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