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February 14, 2004

New Voices of Experience

Ezzo.Info has some new stories posted in the Voices of Experience section.

Learning to Trust My "Non-Existant" Maternal Instincts

I'm a mom of 5, including a pair of twins. When took the Prep for Parenting class while pregnant with my oldest. I knew absolutely nothing about kids or babies, so I believed everything they told me--except I had a nagging uneasiness in the back of my mind because I felt they misused the Bible.

Conflicting Messages Undermine True Flexibility

"Of COURSE you can rock your baby to sleep! Just don't make it a habit." Before I had my baby, this actually made sense. After I had her, I remember thinking: "How much is a habit? I did it once yesterday ... can I do it again today? What if I did it twice in one day?"

I encourage you to click on the links and read the complete stories.

And again, I want to make clear that I know that parents who follow Ezzo parenting ideas, truly love their children and only want the best for them. Over time I have become more convinced that it is that love and dedication to raising their children that makes Ezzo parenting seem to "work" in some families. Yet, these materials are foundationally flawed and even unfailing love doesn't prevent all the harm that can come to families via Ezzo parenting.

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I agree with your comments, and it is also true that the "good stuff" can be found elsewhere without all that damaging stuff thrown in. When reading Ezzo or Pearl, etc., I would expect that many parents struggle with trying to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Posted by: Carol at February 16, 2004 02:36 PM

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