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March 12, 2004

Some Tech Questions. . .

Part of the reason I started blogging was because I wanted to redo my old website, Me and My Boys. It was a pain to try to recode the info with CSS from the old html. I knew that the tools were available through CSS and MT to do it from watching Hubby blog.

But I'm getting so frustrated trying to figure things out. Googling for answers has just led to pages that are a step above my tech prowess.

What I'd really like are links to websites that explain MT templates, CSS, and such without too much added jargon. Also, I'd appreciate if anyone would be willing to e-mail me (alex8b8 AT hotmail DOT com) a cut-and-pasted copy of their main template and main css stylesheet so I can compare the coding with what I see on the screen and in my template. Thanks!


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I sent you copies of my templates. Looking around at what others have done is probably the best way to learn.

You might also want to look over
and Glish.com.

Also, when I was looking to change our template, I looked around at some of the places giving away templates with all the accompanying CSS in exchange for a link back and used their stuff for inspiration. And I set up a test blog to make all the changes before I screwed up my actual site.

Posted by: Jordana at March 13, 2004 01:10 AM

If you run across specific MT problems or want to know how to do such-and-such a thing to your blog the MT Support Forum is a great resource:


I use the Forum's keyword search feature to find help/answers/ideas.

Jordana is right, experimenting with a test page and looking at others' code are the best ways to learn, and I found Glish.com very helpful also.

For learning MT I relied heavily on the MT documentation and the aforementioned MT forum.

Posted by: Sciolist at March 13, 2004 02:45 AM

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Posted by: TulipGirl at March 13, 2004 10:28 AM

Uh, same here. :) Looking at how others did it was a great way to learn. Also, when I looked at source codes for templates you learn stuff too.

I'll send you mine so oyu can see I mostly changed the CSS within an inch of its life. But it is still based on the MT templates. :)

Posted by: Andrea at March 13, 2004 12:39 PM

Oh, another idea is to just experiemnt (maybe with a temp blog) with changing things in just the CSS (like colors, sizes) and see what happens. :)

That's how I figured out a *lot* of stuff.

Posted by: Andrea at March 13, 2004 03:20 PM

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