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March 28, 2004

Open My Eyes, Lord

"An uncultured person may see a beautiful work of art as an object of vision, but he has no appreciation of its excellence.

He may see the figures of a complex mathematical equation, but they have no meaning for him. Horses and cattle may see the same beautiful sunset or other phenomenon in nature that men see, but they are blind to all of the artistic beauty.

So it is when the Gospel of the cross is presented to the unregenerate man. He may have an intellectual knowledge of the facts and doctrines of the Bible, but he lacks all spiritual discernment of their excellence, and finds no delight in them." --Loraine Boettner


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Miss Tulipgirl,
Please share with us how you 'live' with this fact in a daily way.
I believe it is true. That God does the changing of one's heart. That it is not something we do for ourselves...

I find I would rather not think about this because I have so many people who are dear to me that would fall in the unregenerate catagory.

Is there a verse that helps you 'live' with this concept?


Posted by: Donna Boucher at March 30, 2004 03:42 PM

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