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April 17, 2004

Inspiring Reminder

"I really regret that I didn't write more about my babies when they were little--what they were doing, how it felt to be the mom of that child at that age, the learning that I observed my baby doing, what made them different from other babies, the outings we took as a family when the children were little...I guess I thought it was all too obvious and that I would never forget any of it, but I have forgotten so much. Pictures are nice but since I relate to the written word so strongly, when I do find something I jotted down about the children, it communicates to me in a special way. " -- my friend Kathy

I read this tonight and am reminded of all the little things I want to remember. Like C3's favorite new word being "otherwise." As in, "Otherwise, we went to the park today. Otherwise, your name is moonie-mommy." Said just like that, as he describes his day to me.

This is one of the reasons I started blogging. I'm not bad (though not consistent) about jotting e-mails to my Mom about what the boys are doing. But I don't keep them for myself.

Carol keeps a family journal online and I believe prints it out for their family scrapbook. Here I have in one place, all the little notes I want to make about living in Kyiv and about the funny boy sayings and new acheivements. And even if my computer crashes (as it has been in the habit of doing) I won't lose it because it's all online.


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You know, all the while when I was growing up, my grandmother tired to drill in my head that I should keep some sort of journal, especially when we went on special trips. I'm so kicking myself now. There's all these things I just can;t remember from when the big kids were little. I'm *so* glad I do this now for Emma, and was doing it before we found out I was pregnant. Now have a chronicle of it is really special. :)

Posted by: Andrea at April 19, 2004 12:45 PM

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