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May 09, 2004

Chosen in Love

Father, Thou all things ordained
Ev'n the sin which leaves us stained
Proves Thy righteous judgment fair
Though it moves us to despair

Yet Thou hast a better end
For those whom Thou dost befriend
That within the Trinity
Holy Love may cherished be

Thou hast chosen us in love
Giv'n us hearts born from above
Thine we are, to Thee we sing
Joyous tribute to our King

Chos'n in Christ for holiness
For the Father's love to bless
That the Son may worshipped be
Now and through eternity

Ours the sin from which we die
Christ the Live to which we fly
Life in Him O blessedness!
Christ in us, our Righteousness

Holy Spirit, heavenly seal
Give our hearts Thy Word's appeal
Op'n our eyes that we may see
Gospel truths which set us free

Free from sin's corrupting power
Free to worship Thee this hour
Free from fear, from death's dark sting
Free to trust and rest and sing!

Peter Byron La Pointe, 2002
To the tune -- St. Bees: John B. Dykes, 1862


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