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May 16, 2004

Pakistani Christian Martyr

Anjum said he was finally forced under torture to repeat the words of the Muslim creed, an act which according to Islamic law constitutes conversion to Islam. But he told his family he had not renounced his Christian faith.

News like this jolts me out of my complacency.

I know people die for their faith. But it still shocks me when I hear about it. Growing up in the US with freedom of religion, freedom of expression, freedom of the press so ingrained, it's hard to really realize that it isn't the same everywhere.

Please pray for Javed Anjum's mourning family. Please pray that his death will be used by God to soften the hearts of the other students at Government College in Quetta.

Reported by Asia News, Christianity Today and WorldNetDaily.

Update: Imago Veritatis has much more written on this, and I recommend his post.

(Via Kolbi)


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