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June 11, 2004

Babywise in the Manse

New, on Voices of Experience:

"I read the book and thought it would solve all my problems. I was so excited. The book seemed to understand where I had messed up my baby and promised to fix her and make her a model citizen.

"I had assumed from the beginning that "crying it out" was the only way to get a baby to sleep. I started the three hour feeding schedule and thankfully she did it with no problem. We started putting her down at night awake, no sleep props, etc. She would cry and cry and cry.

. . .

"I remember laying on the couch listening to her cry and cry thinking motherhood wasn't supposed to be like this. And seriously considering not having more children. Yet I was convinced this was the only way to have a baby that was not in control of me and my marriage. My husband went along with it but I think if he had had a little more experience he would have put a stop to it sooner. "

Read the rest of M.H.'s story, A Pastor's Wife's Experience and Observations at Ezzo.Info.


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Btw, I would love for those who read this thread who have experience with Prep or Babywise, to share their experiences--both good and bad.


Posted by: TulipGirl at July 25, 2004 11:33 AM

I have observed a child with health problems that I believe were caused by using the babywise methods. The mother's milk dried up early, the child developed severe allergies which neither parent has, the child stopped gaining weight at some point around 6 months, and the child has what seems to be an unnatural desire to eat eat eat! The mother refuses to believe that any of this is caused by her decision to strictly direct his feeding and sleeping habits at 10 weeks. I strongly encourage anyone who considers using babywise to read as much literature as they can on it.
Some groups who do NOT support the Babywise ideas are:
Harvard Medical School
The American Medical Association
The American Academy of Pediatrics

Furthermore, I have found NO doctors who support the theories except doctors who BELONG TO THE CHURCH or whose churches have adapted this book as a basis for their teachings. I am in the process of surveying local pediatricians, OBGYNs and GPs. I will continue to research this.

Lastly, the BW book is based on a guy named Thurmer(?) who DOES NOT SANCTION leaving the child to cry until the age of 4-6 months. I can find NO literature except BW that says to start earlier than 4 months.
This issue has become very important to me and I will continue to research and post comments in hopes that I can stop others from taking this book as their parenting philosophy.

Posted by: Rabecca at August 23, 2007 09:58 AM

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