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June 26, 2004


Hubby and I have been nearly in tears laughing at the Diana Goodman's sarcastic commentary on Bad Baby Names. We've had a few raised eyebrows at our kids names, so I'm not pointing any fingers. . . But really, what were these people thinking?

One of the trends that amuses me is the name-girls-after-a-president one. Like Madison, Kennedy, Reagan, Carter. Before long it'll be McKinley, Clinton, Roosevelt, QuincyAdams, and Taft.

(via Poppins Classical Academy)


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maybe you saw this - but i thought i'd post it here!
"""I love the Lord, am a LDS woman, and would like to name my baby baby Jesus.

>>Wait, she wants to call him "Baby Jesus"? How will that work after he's 33?

"""My husband says this is ridiculous because we are not latino and he does not even go to church anymore. I looked and it is a popular name in the US so it must be that others like me are out there spreading His love. His full name would be "Jesus Joseph Dewey". Can any one tell me if when you are at the hospital can you refuse to let your husband have a say in what the birth certificate says? I 18 years old and am a first time mom.

>>>Issue 1: Jesus! (Praise the Lord!) Joseph! (Hallelujah!) Dewey. (.....um.....He's a duck, right?)

Issue 2: Have you ever heard anything so romantic, and yet so filled with Our Heavenly Father's purest love alighting from heaven to his children upon the earth as an 18 year old Mormon girl wanting to have her husband barred from the hospital where she's just given birth so she can name their child Jesus. Joseph. Dewey. Amen.

Posted by: inAZ at June 27, 2004 04:47 AM

Oh, I know! That was one of the best. . .

Btw, love the pics you sent. *g*

Posted by: TulipGirl at June 27, 2004 04:59 AM

This site was hilarious! I forwarded it to my husband who thanked me for giving him nearly a solid hour of laughter today as he read through it!
Haven't yet heard from my friend who not only has an "alternative spelling" named child, but also a child named after an elf in a Tolkein book. Mabye I shoulda thought it through before sending it to her, eh? Nah, she's got a sense of humor :)

Posted by: AutMom at June 30, 2004 05:49 AM

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