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July 19, 2004

Think Pink: Project Blog

I've been wanting to encourage everyone to read Dana's story of being a breast cancer survivor and young mother.

And this Saturday, Dana will be blogging for the Young Survival Coalition, as part of the Project Blog charity blogathon. I encourage you to check out Dana's blog Think Pink and consider donating towards helping people triumph over breast cancer.


I just found out last night that a friend of mine in the States has been diagnosed with breast cancer. It looks like an aggressive form, and I still don't know the details. It's when friends and family are going through hard times, that I feel so very far away. It's easier to rejoice and celebrate with weddings and new babies from overseas. It feels harder to comfort and mourn and pray through the hard times from over here.


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I do know how hard it is not to be WITH those we love when they are struggling with something--and it IS so much easier to just BE there.

But you know what? When someone is going through something difficult like that, it means so much to know that there are people who are all over the world praying for you. You can almost see the globe in your mind's eye, with the prayers going up all around it. It's good to have those in the group right around you praying, of course, but there's something really thrilling about having friends in far places who pray for you and urge those around them (people who don't even know you) to pray for you, too.

And a letter or card that can be read and reread is a wonderful thing as well, so don't underestimate the power of what you CAN do.

Posted by: rebecca at July 19, 2004 09:18 PM

WOW! I just got over here to see this! Thank you SO MUCH!
I am so sorry about your friend, but speaking from someone who has been there--love and prayers don't diminish over distance.

Posted by: Dana at July 22, 2004 12:21 AM

Hi, I noticed you were talking about HIV/AIDS on this site. If you'd like to submit your page to SH Directory, please do ;-) (http://www.shdir.com)

Posted by: Breast Cancer Dir at September 12, 2004 06:50 PM

Hi, I noticed you were talking about Breast Cancer on this site. If you'd like to submit your page to SH Directory, please do ;-) (http://www.shdir.com)

Posted by: Breast Cancer Dir at September 13, 2004 11:49 AM

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