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August 09, 2004

Apricot Abundance

On Sunday, Katya took C3 with her to her friend's dacha to pick apricots. He had a wonderful time. Katya brought me homegrown tomatoes, plums, flowers, cucumbers, and apricots.

About 10 kilograms of apricots.

That's a rough guess. Sunday night I made two batches of regular apricot jam and added some apricots to the pot of Rumtopf I started a couple of months ago. I set the nicer apricots and plums out for the boys, and put the slightly green ones on the windowsill to ripen. The rest I cleaned and whirred up in the blender, added a little citric acid, and froze.

Today I started some apricot cordial, made a batch of pineapple-apricot jam, and a double batch of apricot chutney. And I still have more apricot puree in the freezer. I'm toying with the idea of making southern-fried apricot cream pies.

In other family news:

* C3 saw the doctor last Friday. The x-rays still show the break looking pretty serious. C3 got a new cast. Katya took the x-rays to a couple of specialists she knows. The consensus is to keep the cast on another 4 weeks and then re-evaluate. We're still trying to avoid surgery, but that hasn't been completely ruled out.

* My wonderful Hubby bought me a new digital camera, through a friend who is in-the-know about where to get decent ones at decent prices in this city. I'm just tickled, and can't wait to try it out. The camera my mom gave me gave out when we were on vacation over a year ago, and I really miss it.

* Hubby has been doing a lot of remont around our flat--painting, fixing doors, epoxying things. When the telephone repairman came this morning, Hubby had to help him rewire the line into our flat.

* We have a new cyrillic/English keyboard. There are a few extra keys, and I keep mistyping. The shift and ctrl buttons are too close together. Please forgive my typos.


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Praying for you and your son.

Posted by: Liza Q at August 11, 2004 12:27 AM

Thank you, Liza. I really do appreciate it.

Posted by: TulipGirl at August 11, 2004 04:12 PM

oh dear about your son (so much funnier when it was typo'd as "sin")

i'll be expecting some pics soon. I am totally picture freak (that does not make me a stalker)

Posted by: Dana at August 13, 2004 06:14 AM

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