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August 21, 2004

PowerAde and Applesauce

It hit me today. A nasty virus has been cycling through the kids (one per day, thankfully--easier to give a the sick child attention.) Today I woke up so sick. I spent most of the day lying on the cool tiles of the floor next to the tub. Just in case.

Usually, the few things that we can't get in Kyiv aren't a problem. Make do, or do without. I was so excited last month when the local grocery store started stocking brown sugar!

But when I'm sick or the kids are throwing up, I really want PowerAde. It stays down, keeps us hydrated. And while I don't mind making applesauce from scratch, I'm in no condition to do that when we're sick.

The pastor of our church told Hubby he should call "Skorri Pomesh" (the ambulance service, literally Fast Help) because the Ukrainian flu does secondary damage to organs. I'm sorry, but there are some things that I just haven't acculturated to here--like calling the ambulance for every illness. Besides, I don't want to see a doc or go to the clinic--just be still in my own home until this passes.

Anyway, that's why posting has been light and any prayers for our family are much appreciated. It seems this virus is slowly making the rounds throughout our community and I wish it'd just go away.


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I'm sorry to hear that you and your family have been sick - not fun at all!! My prayers are with you.

Posted by: Andrea at August 21, 2004 08:52 PM

I'm sorry to hear you've been hit by a nasty bug. I hope it leaves you all soon.

Posted by: Jordana at August 21, 2004 11:29 PM

{{{hugs}}} I hope you're feeling better soon. My mother dragged me in for antibiotics for any little thing... it drove her nuts that I didn't do the same with the boys. I'd just tell her, "It's viral. It'll pass." She made a lot of gurgling, rumbling noises at me. ;-)


Posted by: Dy at August 22, 2004 05:24 AM

They taught us in nursing school that the best diet when you have intestinal upset is the BRAT diet. Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast. They all seem to be pretty easy on the system and have nutritional value. Hope you all feel better soon! Power Ade is great when you're dehydrated. Since my kids won't drink the pedialyte, that's what I give them.

Posted by: Anne Basso at August 22, 2004 11:04 PM

You sure it wasn't just the air pressure, the dreaded davleniye? Because I mean, for that, these Western drinks like Powerade are the worst possible thing you could drink, you should be ingesting "nashe" kinda stuff like kwas chlebowy and salo and dill, lots of dill, put it on everything. Nashe davleniye isn't like the kind of davleniye you get in the West, it's a killer!

No, seriously, sorry to hear that, hope you're doing better now.

You know what the really scary thing is? After being in this part of the world for well-nigh 10 years, I swear I really CAN feel differences in the davleniye.

Posted by: The Liberal Media at August 25, 2004 06:36 PM

Sorry for the Polish spelling of khlebovy. Further to my comments on davleniye, you may get a chuckle out of this, from the eXile (whose content isn't always appropriate to family settings). It's a little harsh but make no mistake, I love former-Soviet places like Ukraine - and these guys do too; if they didn't this wouldn't be nearly as accurate.

1. It's hot and you want a drink of water.

a. You go to the store, where water is a little bit more expensive, but there's no line.

b. You stand in a long line to buy the cheapest water poured from the tap.

2. In front of you stand a group of beautiful girls.

a. You quietly observe them and admire their beauty.

b. You pay them a compliment.

3. The girls turn out to be with friends. The friends don't like the fact that you're paying them compliments.

a. You apologize and explain that you mistook the girls for acquaintances.

b. You try to make friends with the girls' friends.

4. The girls' friends, like you yourself, turn out to be fans of a famous soccer team.

a. You discuss various means of gaining free entrance to the next big game, for example through a hole in a brick wall.

b. You invite the girls and their friends to the game, sharing your tickets with them.

5. You are a gypsy cab driver and you pick up a passenger who appears to be in a very bad mood.

a. You quietly drive him to his destination.

b. You ask him where he's from.

6. Your passenger answers in monosyllables before reclining his head, closing his eyes, and covering his forehead with his hand, as though he has a headache.

a. You shrug and quietly drive him to his destination.

b. You ask him what America's like.

7. Your passenger apologizes and explains that he can't talk right now, because he is sick and has a headache.

a. You nod and quietly drive him on to his destination, concentrating on your own affairs.

b. You tell him that he probably needs to exercise more or change his diet, explaining that you yourself never have headaches because you drink 100 grams of vodka a day, which improves the circulation.

8. A new casual acquaintance explains that he'd rather not say exactly how much money he makes.

a. You leave it at that.

b. You ask him again.

9. An acquaintance complains about the cold on a day in late September.

a. You agree, winter is beginning.

b. You inform him that scientists are predicting an especially cold winter this year.

10. You come to a park to walk your dog and encounter a young woman who is walking her dog.

a. You watch the dogs play together.

b. You ask the woman what she's feeding her dog, and regardless of the answer you explain why this is incorrect and will lead to the dog's premature death.

11. You are not an expert in music theory, the history of ancient civilizations, UFOs, the origins of French cuisine, military strategy, American politics of the Nixon era, nontraditional medicine, or the positions of the Kama Sutra.

a. You don't act like one.

b. You don't let that stop you.

12. You hear the word "salad." The first thing that comes to your mind is:

a. Lettuce

b. Mayonnaise

13. You're in a kitchen. You feel like:

a. Cooking

b. Talking

14. A guest complains that your food isn't spicy enough. You:

a. Offer some pepper

b. Tell him there's already tomato in it

15. Your bank has just ceased functioning, taking your savings with it. You feel:

a. Upset, so you complain to the appropriate governmental authority

b. Happy, because now you have something else to complain about to your friends.

Score: For every b answer, add one point.

0-10 Bourgeois

11-15 Nash

Posted by: The Liberal Media at August 25, 2004 06:50 PM

Lib! It's great to see you! And while I was giggling throughout that list, it was #12 that got me laughing out loud.

We're mostly doing better. Cal's cast is off. John walked around Maidan/Khreshatak last night with some people to celebrate Independence Day.

I think we're going to get our cross-cultural licenses revoked. It rained on Tuesday and we took the boys outside to dance in the rain. Barefoot. Short-termers syndrome?

When will you be through here next? E- please. I owe you dinner, and I know John would love to talk economics, et al, with you.

Posted by: TulipGirl at August 26, 2004 01:51 AM

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