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August 24, 2004

Babywised and Hospitalized

Today, Ezzo.Info's "Voices of Experience" has added a new account of yet another family that has suffered from applying the parenting principles taught by Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo.

He was admitted to the hospital after being diagnosed with FTT (failure to thrive) and severe dehydration. As I was frantically gathering things for the hospital, I collapsed from grief and cried aloud asking "Am I going to lose my baby?" The torment I was feeling at that moment, allowed me to begin questioning what we had been doing.

Read the full story, Our Journey to Freedom.

And yes, this is the same mother I quoted last month, but now her whole story is available at Ezzo.Info.

Update: Blogs4God mentioned Sozo's post about this family's experience with Ezzo. Our Anne also uses this story to warn parents about Babywise. And Carol's post about the Pearl's "To Train Up a Child," also provides information on Ezzo this week.


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