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August 25, 2004

Discussion Invitation

You'll see me there. *grin*

"[T]here is a new message board for open debate and discussion of ezzo parenting and issues:


Metochoi and I (taketime) are moderating and I know our hope and that of the founders of the board is to have a similar respectful, civil environment that we have grown to enjoy here and that has made this a real "debate ministry" -- strange as that may seem! :-) The hope is that zippier software (and no pop-up advertising) will make for a nice environment. There was a lot of grumbling and a big drop-off in participation when PP changed the messageboard environment here, and we're hoping the new board may fill a need.

Any questions? You can email me at taketyme_007 AT yahoo.com (there's an underscore between the taketyme and the 007)

Now: wherever you fall on this issue---consider yourselves warmly invited; feel free to pass word along to others who may be interested in an open discussion/debate!


(via Ezzo Debate Board)


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Hi tulipgirl

Call me naive but after checking out your Ezzo website, I did wonder about the commonsense of some of the parents who had used this so called mehtod. Most parents especially mothers want what is best for their babies and want them to feed well. If your kid is not growing and developing surely you would wonder if your breastmilk supply was low, your kid had some condition such as celiec disease or something else wrong with them or you were doing somethng very wrong with your baby rearing technique to cause failure to thrive. My first baby become a very poor breast feeder at 9 months even though she was eating a range of solids, I remember how worried both myself and my husband became about it and how quickly I went to the local mother baby hospital to get help. Surely love and commonsense would make you wonder if the so called babywise advice is nonsense and you would seek medical advice.

Posted by: Karnak at August 29, 2004 03:28 PM

Unfortunately the book is written like propaganda, and brand new inexperienced parents don't have anything to compare it to--and what Mr. Ezzo says about other sources of information makes it less likely they will be interested in cross-checking his information.

I don't blame the brand new parents nearly as much as I blame the author who purports to be an authority on parenting who should have known better.

Posted by: Kathy at September 2, 2004 05:07 AM

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