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August 25, 2004

Tomatoes, Boys and The Girls

I'm typing this as 10 kilograms of tomatoes simmers down into proper spaghetti sauce consistency. Today was a good day.

C3 got his cast off today! We went in to get a fresh one, because he had worn down his cast until it was soft. "The arm has begun to grow together," the doctor said, "but he needs to be careful not to fall on it, not to run or jump or do anything active three year old boys do." (Nope, not a direct quote.) *sigh*

A Ukrainian friend asked if he's going in for massage and physical therapy. That wasn't prescribed, but I have some wonderful lavendar massage lotion, and I'll be sure to massage his arm. C3 says it still hurts a little, and he's favoring it still (ate dinner with his left hand again today.)

We also got to play with the girls today. The girls are the three daughters of an American/Ukrainian couple we know and dearly love. Our boys and the girls have become such fast friends, and they play so sweetly together. They'll be moving in another month or so, and I think this will be such one of the biggest losses our boys have had to face.

One of the things talked about in cross-cultural preparation is the "Enjoyment/Endurance Paradox." That concept fits so much of life, and has helped me enjoy the good things more even when I have mixed feelings. It's hard, though, helping our children live through the joy/sadness that is part of relationships and changes in life.


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my name is Jono Miller and I'm a misso in Ukraine with Calvary Chapel. I got on to your blog site from my sister in law Judith Miller from Brisbane Australia (nickname Rasita).

I live in Rzhyshchiv but am looking to study Ukrainian in Kiev for the remainder of this year. Myself and a friend are both looking for accommodation in Kiev for Sept to Dec.

if you know of a cheap place to rent or any other alternatives, i'd love to hear from you

Be blessed in your ministry and it would be great to meet you one day regardless

Keep Looking Up

Posted by: Jono Miller at August 26, 2004 01:18 AM

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