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September 08, 2004

Welcome, Aubrey!

Welcome to the world, Aubrey Kai!


This is my cousin, her husband, son and new baby daughter.

Saturday, September 4th
12:27 a.m.
9 lbs. 1 oz.
22 1/2 in. long

And, please be praying for little Aubrey. from my cousin:

Sept 8: She got distressed during labor and had to be resuscitated at birth. The first 48 hrs were grim, but she held out and with the help of oxygen, medication and the excellent care at the NICU here, she is doing MUCH better today. Each little organ has had to do a lot of work to repair itself due to the lack of oxygen she had at birth. Specifically, her kidneys and lungs had to prove themselves, but thankfully they are doing well now.

Sept 14: I ask that you pray specifically for Aubrey to learn to feed...bottle feeding is going very slowly, as she has to relearn the coordinated suck/swallow/digest reflex that babies are born with. She will stay in the NICU for as long as she needs until she is eating. The doctors have warned us that this will be the hurdle that takes the longest to overcome. But we have faith that she will learn soon enough and we'll be able to take her home once she does so. The other concern we have is what kind of long-term effects her birth trauma could have on her. Whatever the future holds for us and our baby girl, we are just so in love with her and are thankful she is with us.


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