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October 16, 2004

What I'm Reading (online)

I read and skim way more often than I post on other blogs. Here are some I have open right now that I've found interesting, even if I'm not commenting.

Tales of a Farmwife: Combines and O Canada

Carol: Updates on Baby Lincoln

Mysterium Tremendum: What Jared is Reading

BatesLine: Oklahoma Politics No comment feature here--are y'all going to change that?

Coffee Swirls: Convoluted Recollections

Gideon Strauss: Phase One: What You Should Do With Your Life

Challies:Impact of Calvinist/Arminian Thinking I finally registered to comment. . .

CyberEcology: President of Integrity and Faith

Amy: And the Kids She Teaches

The Rough Woodsman: Skipping the Football, Reading the Politics and Theology

Non-blog sites open:
GCM Forums
AwareParent Forums
NRO Online
OpinionJournal BotW Today


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Tulip girl

Glad to know you are still out there and reading. Nice to see you read my CyberEcology post about President Bush. I read way more then I comment as well - it is just so time consuming to comment on everything you read. I'm in and out of here often too though you would never know it.


Posted by: Tenn at October 19, 2004 05:51 AM

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