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October 27, 2004

Highly Recommended

The Other Election is an great summary of the upcoming Ukrainian presidential election by Bruce Bartlett of the National Center for Policy Analysis.

Please remember Ukraine and her people this Sunday.

There is much more that is going on here that Mr. Bartlett doesn't mention and I'm not sure I want to go into right now. (Hopefully Hubby will blog about it or our journalist friend TLM will provide a link to a good story.)

Update: More on Ukrainian politics. I'm not endorsing the accuracy or viewpoints of these articles, but I do think they help provide a picture of what is going on here.
A Testing Time for Democracy
Russia's Interference in Vain
Action to Discredit the Opposition Note: This sort of thing happened last Saturday.


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The other election from BatesLine
In just a few hours, Ukraine will go to the polls to elect a president. TulipGirl, who lives there, asks us to keep the country and election in our prayers. The republics of the old Soviet Union have great potential but are still suffering from the leg... [Read More]

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President Vladimir Putin's visit to Kiev for the commemoration of Ukraine's liberation from the Nazis during World War II is an attempt to save the failing presidential campaign of incumbent Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych.For months Kremlin spin doctors aiding the Yanukovych campaign have used a strategy of splitting Ukraine's multicultural society along linguistic, ethnic and religious fault lines. They've taken great pride in authoring temnyki -- special instructions from the presidential administration to the mass media on what events and issues should be covered -- creating an information vacuum on objective news coverage in our country. In the week before the election, they've given more airtime on Ukraine's national networks to Putin, Russian Duma Deputies and Russian pop stars than to the presidential candidates who will decide Ukraine's future.

Posted by: Cinderella jasmine at November 20, 2004 07:26 AM

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