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November 01, 2004


When I'm having a rough-mommy day, I intentionally seek out articles online that provide some encouragement and inspiration. I have several articles bookmarked and Psalms highlighted that I reread when I need a little lift.

Saturday I came across a blog post that fits that category.

When my kids were toddlers, I had an intense longing for a peaceful place to sit quietly and recharge my batteries. Though I was not a Christian, I thought that a morning in church might be the ticket. I imagined a church where light from a stained glass window would pool over me, and a choir would sing and people would talk about God and it would be vague but comforting, and then I would go home ready to face my rambunctious boys again.

Read the rest of KatieKind's post on finding peace mixed with the realities life. This particular story means even more to me since I know KatieKind, and see her in a very Titus 2 way since her boys are grown or nearly so.


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