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November 23, 2004

UkrNews in English

Victor Katolyk at The Periscope is summarizing Ukrainian news reports in English, updating constantly.

I'm not surprised that most of the up-to-the-minute news about the Ukrainian elections is coming from the blogosphere. Kudos to Neeka, A Fist Full of Euros, Europhobia, A Step at A Time, Ukraine, Oh My!, Le Sabot and many others who are helping to bring the world's attention to Ukraine.

I heard there is a football game tonight. That worries me a bit. After all, past attacks on unpopular journalists have been blamed on "soccer hooligans." I'm concerned that the oligarchs could use the pretext of inebriated football fans to start trouble among those who have peacefully rallied in the center.

I don't expect to hear from Hubby until morning. Off to scrub his bright-orange winter coat. It has PBA glue on it from hanging up flyers.


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