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November 24, 2004

Friendly Riot Police?

Neeka was walking around in the center in the wee sma's of the morning, and this is what she saw:

"At 3 am, the city's so loud you'd think it's daytime. . . .

Every once in while a journalist barged in and announced that, according to some very well-informed sources, the riot police were beating everyone up over there, or that the armored personnel vehicles (is that what they're called?) are approaching the city center. . .

Those were all rumors, thank God. Later this evening, reports came in that the riot police are acting friendly and tolerant, and that they've declared their support for Yushchenko, and that they aren't embarrassed to put on some orange stuff on themselves. I assume it happened thanks to Yulia Tymoshenko - thanks to her charisma."


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Hey... been cocerned about you with the election news I'm hearing here in the US. Hope you are all well! I can't find your e-mail address... write to me so I can have it on file :-)
Laurie (the Moody one) :-)

Posted by: Laurie at November 24, 2004 07:13 AM

My wife is Ukrainian and has been keeping in very close contact with her brother who is taking part in the demonstrations. Apparently there is an amateur video showing buses with license plates from cities in Eastern Ukraine (heavy Yanukovych supporters) full of special forces troops. Also there are rumors of Russian special forces troops coming to scene as well.

If this is true than it could be the portent of something very ugly.

Posted by: Daniel at November 24, 2004 08:45 AM

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