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November 24, 2004

Not Just Kyiv

Vinnytsia -- 5 thousand participants
Dnipropetrovsk -- 10 thousand
Zhytomyr -- over 40 thousand
Zaporizhzhia -- nearly 10 thousand
Ivano-Frankivsk -- 60 thousand
Kamyanets-Podilsky -- 15 thousand
Kyiv -- 500 thousand 1 million
Kirovohrad -- over 10 thousand
Kremenchuk -- 2 thousand
Lebedyn -- 6 thousand
Lutsk -- 15 thousand
Lviv -- 120-150 thousand
Mykolayiv -- 3 thousand
Okhtyrka -- 15 thousand
Poltava -- 15 thousand
Rivne -- 6-7 thousand
Simferopol -- 1 thousand
Sumy -- 30 thousand
Ternopil -- 30 thousand
Uzhhorod -- 12 thousand
Kharkiv -- 80-100 thousand
Kherson -- 1 thousand
Cherkasy -- 10 thousand
Chernivtsi -- 30 thousand
Chernihiv -- 2 thousand
Shostka -- 15 thousand

The Ukrainians who are not travelling to Kyiv to rally, are making their voices heard in their home towns.

And around the world, Ukrainians and world citizens are joining together to show their support for true democracy in Ukraine: Warsaw; The Hague; Buffalo, NY; New York, Washington, and across the US; Toronto and throughtout Canada; Rome; London; and Paris.


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I read reports on a russian-language Odessa-based website (sorry, can't find which one it was) of 4,000 protesters there, too. Quite a poor show, really, but something,

Dominic Heaney
London, UK,
former resident of Odessa

Posted by: Dominic at November 24, 2004 01:11 PM

hey. having very limited news source, i've only been picking up bits and pieces of the protests. Now it's all coming together... what an exciting event to witness and be n the front lines of.

Posted by: mtmamma at November 24, 2004 03:28 PM

Orange for Ukraine and Democracy on Monday, November 29, 2004 - wear orange as a show of support and solidarity with Ukraine and Democracy. Spread the word around the world!

Posted by: Orange at November 25, 2004 04:27 AM

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