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November 24, 2004

$21 Million Dollar Bribe?

Serhiy Kivalov, head of the Central Elections Committee, reportedly received a bribe of $21,600,000 to proclaim Yanukovych as President of Ukraine.


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Okay. Let's be serious. How does one confirm or deny such a rumor? I mean, I've seen this quoted over and over. Anyone have a source, or is this just a rehash of juicy gossip some drunk queen came up with? The exactness of the figure just adds to it.

Posted by: Rumor Central at November 25, 2004 04:20 AM

This reminds me of Civilization II, when my cities go into revolt. Too many unhappy citizens. It is really a bummer because I have to move my troops back to their home base, clean up pollution, and divert population to become artisans and stuff. Why don't you just enter a cheat code and bypass all the nasty side effects? BTW, this is a really good drama and I was wondering how I can participate?

Posted by: Tracy Milburn at November 25, 2004 04:28 AM

For some time, all I have seen of the internet are the negative things, the old problems and menaces that it expediates.

How wonderful it is to connect with what is happening in the Ukraine through the personal experience of bloggers like you. Before the internet I would have only read these things in abbreviated and impersonal news reports. And I am also seeing a community of Christians expressing faith and hope in God. That has lifted from me the despairing pressure that has been built on me by claims and insinuations that faith in Christ is the regressive, illogical way of the past. Now I can see how it gives you in the Ukraine and all people the strength and dignity to face autocratic oppressors. I have not prayed to God for a long time because all I could see were my own problems and weaknesses and I didn't think they were worth praying for and because I felt foolish. Living in Canada, I have taken freedom for granted and felt there was nothing to truly fight for. I thank you and I thank God that I am reminded that it is not true, whether in my country or across the world.

The Christian community will be praying for you from Canada.

Posted by: Canadian at November 25, 2004 08:12 PM

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