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November 30, 2004

Lyudmyla makes Teresa look Good

Not-quite-First Lady Lyudmyla Yanukovych, recently ranted in Donetsk :

«Dear friends, I’m fresh from Kyiv, I can tell you what’s going on there. It’s simply an orange orgy there! So, there’s rows and rows of felt boots – all of it of American make! See! And mountains of orange oranges. And the background is “Orange sea, orange sky…” [a line from a popular kids song – tr.] Gosh! It’s just… It’s a nightmare! And look here guys: those oranges ain’t just any oranges – they’re loaded. People take an orange, eat it – and take another one. See! And the hand keeps reaching, keeps reaching for it. I was on my way here, there was news. They said – people in the square are getting poisoned, on a mass scale. Frequent hospitalizations. They bring people in with meningitis! What have we come to! And they keep standing, keep standing! Eyes simply glazed over! Just like that!»

Excuse me a moment.

Bwa haha haha haha!

Yeah. Riiiiiiiight.

However, please pray for the general health and continued peacefulness of the protesters. The weather is frigid, and it's been snowing a lot. Some people have been sick, but there are medical clinics set up as well as ambulances available.


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Tulipgirl - couldn't find your email address on this site. I plan to auction my orange painting on ebay and donate the money to the people in the square. I'd appreciate your opinion on the best, most effective organization to donate the money to. I was thinking either the account set up via razom or maidan....

Posted by: Angel at December 1, 2004 01:25 AM

Viktor Yushenko appears to have been poisoned by a dioxin or similar toxin.

The resulting condition is known as "chloracne."

See here.

The URL is:


Posted by: nikita demosthenes at December 1, 2004 01:26 AM

Excerpted from Norman Podhoretz column in the New York Post:

"Right now, in Ukraine, we are witnessing a genuine democratic revolution against the post-Soviet status quo, with hundreds of thousands of ordinary people refusing to allow an election to be stolen by kleptocratic thugs.

And who is celebrating this spontaneous, powerful and entirely progressive uprising? The Right, and no one but the Right. The good news is being blasted out of Kiev by conservative bloggers (particularly the married couple "Tulipgirl" and "Discoshaman") and promoted by conservative bloggers stateside."

WOW!!! You're now world famous & deservedly so. Congratulations on your new-found fame!!! KEEP UP THE GREAT BLOGGING.

Posted by: Gary Gross at December 1, 2004 04:38 AM

Thanks, also, for all the wonderful pictures you've given us from the front lines. They've brought us a better understanding of how big this rally is.

Posted by: Gary Gross at December 1, 2004 04:41 AM

Well, one thing for sure, I won't be making fun of Teresa Hines Kerry anymore, even on a bad day she couldn't get that wacky.

BTW, didn't you used to post on crosswalk.com from time to time?

Posted by: kathryn at December 1, 2004 09:51 AM

The last two candles on the Advent wreath are purple and pink which liturgically speaking represents Laetare and Gaudate Sundays, the last two weeks of Advent. Each candle symbolizes penance and anticipatory rejoice of Christ child's
May the peace and joy of His birth well up in the hearts of fellow Ukranian Catholics this coming season of Christmas. The beginning of the new liturgical year has started this last Sunday. We Latins remember the Ukranian Roman Catholic persecution during the 20th century and now we are here in 21st , may Ukranian Catholics overcome the communist/foreign yoke of Russian nationalism/Orthodoxy.
Good bless and read my blog site.

Posted by: Joseph at December 1, 2004 10:33 AM


Send me the auction details and I'll publicize it here. And I think your ideas for places to send the donation are good. Both of the accounts you mentioned are related to those who are involved both in political and personal aid outreach. Either one, I'm sure the auction donation will get to the people on the street.

Posted by: TulipGirl at December 1, 2004 03:27 PM

Hi Tulipgirl! Thanks for the feedback! Here's the link!


Posted by: Angel at December 1, 2004 07:31 PM

Angel--Great--I'll mention it later tonight!

Joseph, yes, we are lighting our advent candles each night. Keeping some time of calm and quiet with the family in the midst of this energy and protest.

Gary--wow! I'm amazed. Humbled. Podhoretz knows my name?! Thank you for your encouragement.

Kathryn, it's been ages since I posted at Crosswalk, but am still sporadically in touch with the gang there. I can't *blush* even remember my username there! Btw, I bet you can imagine so much of what's going on here, with all the time you spent in Ukraine this past summer.

Nikita, it seems to me that dioxin poisoning is the most likely scenario, but it hasn't been confirmed that's what caused the problem. It's pretty obvious, though, something DID happen that was related to foul play. Hubby and some friends saw him the day he returned to Kyiv from treatment in Vienna. Lena was near tears, he looked so bad and had so much trouble talking.

Posted by: TulipGirl at December 1, 2004 07:49 PM

Good luck to you - and to Viktor Yushenko and his supporters.

There are millions of freedom-loving bloggers all over the globe supporting you.

Electoral politics in the Ukraine truly make American politics look beanbag. There's a big difference between botox injections to make yourself look younger and dioxin poisoning to try to destroy your opponent!

Please note that I am accutely aware that the dioxin theory has not been conclusively proven. But see this post: http://nikita_demosthenes.blogspot.com/2004_11_28_nikita_demosthenes_archive.html#110186226265596130. Included in my above post is this comment from a toxicologist:

* * *

"John Henry, a toxicologist at Imperial College London, said photographs indicate Mr Yushchenko may have a condition known as chloracne - a type of adult acne caused by exposure to toxic chemicals."

'There aren't really very many other explanations. You don't just get this horrible acne-like illness out of the blue in a middle-aged man,' Dr Henry said."

"'Steroid treatment or mercury poisoning could cause similar-looking acne, he said, but the greenish tinge of Mr Yushchenko's face is more suggestive of dioxin poisoning.'"

* * *

The fact that Yanokovich and his echo-chamber leapt on the laughable "bad sushi" explanation only strengthens the case for their guilt, in my opinion.

And after the obvious, ham-handed, election fraud committed by Yanokovich (see, again, my above post), it would take a monumental feat of gullibility for Yanokovich not to be considered suspect #1 in Yuschenko's apparent dioxin poisoning.

We have all learned long ago that giving the "benefit of the doubt" to the ilk of Yanokovich and Putin can end up killing freedom and democracy in society for years (and can end up getting pro-democracy protestors killed like in Tianamin Square, also).

I'm just shocked that there hasn't been MORE outcry over Putin's transparent attempt to re-constitute a new, de facto, USSR. First Belarus, now Ukraine. Oh - but it was bad sushi that caused Yuschenko's disfiguring condition in the midst of the campaign! Yeah, right.

Posted by: nikita demosthenes at December 1, 2004 08:25 PM

Tulipgirl - thanks so much! Today I have bought a whole bag of oranges and am planning to come up with some more art ideas.... I've been painting since 1990 but never with such a passionate purpose. Some of my friends (from Rivne and Lutsk) have just returned from Kyiv and both said it was incredible to be in the city of orange!

Posted by: Angel at December 1, 2004 08:47 PM


I'm sorry--I hope you don't think I was dismissing the information you were giving! Personally, I think dioxin looks like the culprit. (Bad sushi. Yeah. Riiiiiight.)
And you've got a great collection of support for that on your blog, even if it isn't "proven" yet.

Posted by: TulipGirl at December 1, 2004 09:14 PM


Understood. We agree.

Request: in the U.S., our candidates for elective office (especially the Presidency) have detailed websites with lots of photos and the positions of the candidates.

I looked, but I couldn't find an official "Yuschenko for President" website. Is there one? Could you tell us where it is? I'd especially be interested in photos and other backround information about Viktor Yuschenko and his family.

His poisoning has to have been a tremendous blow to his family. Interspersed between the breaking news, could you tells us about Viktor Yushcenko and his family? A globe full of freedom-loving bloggers wants to know.

Thanks for your reporting on this news story. You're beating CNN, the BBC, and the rest of the legacy media hands-down.

Posted by: nikita demosthenes at December 1, 2004 10:48 PM

Hi! here is that site!

Posted by: Angel at December 2, 2004 01:12 AM

I think you have me confused with somebody else. I'm from Florida, used to be involved in prolife activism back in the mid-90s. From time to time, I'd post on the GKGW threads on Crosswalk (not a fan, what I saw babysitting GKGW kids in highschool didn't impress me).

Thanks for providing a valuable public service with your blog and your husband's blog. If it wasn't for alternative news sources, it would be difficult to find much useful information about what's going on over there.

Posted by: kathryn at December 6, 2004 06:18 AM

Cool site with downloadable video and audio - esp. nice are the photos which show how one of the men, standing behind Mrs. Yanukovych during her speech just cannot stop himself from laughing. http://www.true-ukraine.com/default.aspx?page=81

Posted by: Jane at December 7, 2004 07:01 PM

"used to be involved in prolife activism back in the mid-90s. From time to time, I'd post on the GKGW threads on Crosswalk "

Kathryn, that's you?!? I know who you are. Just didn't ever connect the Kathryn-in-Ukraine with THAT Kathryn. *grin* You met Hubby at one point while y'all were doing pro-life stuff, right?

Posted by: TulipGirl at December 9, 2004 09:28 PM

The reason you wouldn't connect the Kathryn-in-Ukraine with that Kathryn is because it's not me. I've never been to Ukraine, though at some point in my life it would be cool to go there.

Yep, we were involved in some of the same activism over in Melbourne. So, once an activist, always an activist, eh? :)

Posted by: kathryn at December 10, 2004 06:20 AM


I'm sooooo sorry! I really messed up there. You know what, I mentally mixed you up with THIS Katherine.

But now I have you straightened out again. Too many of Ludmilla's intoxicating oranges, I guess. Forgive me?

Posted by: TulipGirl at December 10, 2004 06:33 AM

Yep, you better watch out for those oranges. ;)

Posted by: kathryn at December 11, 2004 05:50 AM

I just love your website! Im the one who keeps coming back every day. Best, Kate Middleton Katie Middleton

Posted by: Katie Middleton at December 28, 2004 01:02 AM

There was a radio talkshow call-in by a listenter who claims that Viktor Yuschenko was poisoned on purpose to prove to a certain group of people that he is immortal and the reason he is still alive is for that reason. The man who called in this claim said that the some people are out to kill all the immortals on earth and this poisoning was just proof he can't die. The man claims he himself is 5005 years old but made no mention how old he thinks Viktor is. It was one of those Coast to Coast radio programs where any listener can just call in and say anything they want. It was either during the Goerge Noori show or the Art Bell Show with some other substitute guy!Of course it sounds weird/crazy but I felt like relaying this story anyway!!!

Posted by: Grendel at January 22, 2005 12:21 AM

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