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December 02, 2004

Cool New Bookstore

One of my favorite websites, Monergism has just expanded in include an online bookstore, Monergism Books.

On the main Monergism site, you'll find free articles and books on a myriad of topics coming from various Reformed and Covenantal viewpoints. Also, find sermons and study guides on just about any Bible passage. Excellent resource for study or browsing.

Already at Monergism Books I see tons of books I'ld love to have fill my bookshelves. I'm really happy they've expanded to include this new resource.

(Via Challies)


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What a marvelous site...thanks so much for the link!

Except, of course, you just cost me $30. =8^0

Them and their free shipping on book orders of $25+. I'm a sucker for free shipping, and checked their prices against Amazon.com and generally they were lower...lower price + free shipping. My kinda deal.

And I could sit here for the rest of the year, reading all the online articles.

Great site!

Posted by: Anne at December 4, 2004 10:23 AM

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