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December 06, 2004

Orange Babushka

orange lady.JPG This is one of my favorite photos of Ukraine, ever.

Hubby has a whole slew of new photos up.


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Orange Babushka from Marriages Restored
Tulipgirl is an American who lives in the Ukraine with her husband. [Read More]

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It's still true - a picture is worth a thousand words. I love seeing the faces of the people on your and disco's sites.

Posted by: FL Grandma at December 7, 2004 12:07 AM


Just had to comment here - about how a society treats its elders - with a harkening to Biblical lessons. To their credit, Asian societies have made a point of elevating their elders because they see value in their "life experience." (Unfortunately, in the USA to a large extent, older people are shoved to the side and thought of as 'old fashioned.')

In scripture we see that Solomon held wisdom as being of great value, and asked God to confer upon him the gift of wisdom. He became THE example that endures today.

I don't know why you think this picture is the 'best ever' - but I think it's one of the better ones too, because it tells a life story - a history lived. She has seen and heard far more than the young, and learned many lessons they have yet to learn. She has seen a hard life, yet a loving spirit shines from within - a light of promise and hope. She has a magnetizing force of a lifetime of God-given wisdom that naturally attracts those of us who would be wise - to these, the greatest treasures of society.

Posted by: Ron C at December 7, 2004 02:18 AM

I have a blog but no HTML experience, I would like a
TAK! Banner for my blog- a little orange flag or something in the right side. Do you know where I might find one with the code attached?

By code I mean something I can just copy and paste into my blog.

Posted by: decruz at December 7, 2004 06:26 AM

I used to think it was just me..... in our family (of German / French / English descents) we called a hat a babushka.... Not long ago I looked up the word and found out it's REAL definition! Imagine my surprise.

Tonight, I was at a family gathering and a member of a family through marriage also used that word for hat...

So, oddly enough, some people in Wisconsin, USA unknowingly are confused. We're all connected... sometimes even by odd linguistics! :-)

Posted by: Angel at December 8, 2004 07:24 AM

Decruz - go to http://razom.info and right click on one of the small tak banners down on the left hand side of the site. Choose to save it to your computer. Once you've saved it you should in your blog be able to upload it?

Posted by: Angel at December 8, 2004 07:27 AM

Speaking of pix, two from a series of "Pictures of
the year 2004" from Reuters came out of Kiev:
February 2004
November 2004

Posted by: JohnK at December 10, 2004 01:47 PM

hey---i have a scarf just like hers....did i leave mine in ukraine? mom

Posted by: mountainmamasmama at December 15, 2004 03:58 AM

Tonight, I was at a family gathering and a member of a family through marriage also used that word for hat...

Posted by: gration at January 3, 2005 11:03 AM

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