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December 07, 2004

Who's Doing What in Kyiv

Neeka has been spending time with Crimean Tatars.

And Scotthas met the Egg Guy.

Dan and Lesya have been down at the tent city, "They'll easily make it until the 26th." They participated in a multi-religious rally and prayer time. Hubby also has photos illustrating the support the revolution has among the religious.

Maidan reports just how close things came to military force on November 28th.

Hubby has been in the center tonight. Keep checking his blog for updates.

And, on a personal note, our local grocery store has been out of eggs for about a week. It puts a cramp in my plans to make Christmas cookies with the boys. I'm curious whether it is related to the strike, which I am willing to forego eggs to support. Or, if it is simply a breakdown in the distribution system for this chain. It's been known to happen even without a revolution going on--in October toilet paper was out of stock for two weeks. . .


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hope you get your eggs and your cookies!
we, of course, are still praying!

Posted by: Dana at December 8, 2004 02:13 PM

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