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December 14, 2004

Ukraine Bits and Pieces

Today is the last day to bid on Angel's Tak Oranges original painting with proceeds going to charity. Even if you don't buy it, click on the link and be inspired by the story and photos of the creative process.

Dan warns about some money-for-Ukraine scams and has a list of solid MSM articles about what's going on here.

Check out this brand-spankin' new blog, originating from Kyiv. Little Miss wonders, Is Yushchenko Really a Believer?

Klitschko beats Williams.

Ukrainian politics--it's not about the Left or the Right. . . To borrow Disco's phrase, it's a mix of politico-economic tribalism and Pragmatic Kleptocracy. Read more.

Foreign Notes writes more about the US money that was involved in the Ukrainian election. My take? If US money wasn't involved, then it should have been. . ..

And wow, I'm flattered! Included in the same category as the Big Daddies, like Instapundit and Atrios. *blush, blush*


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My painting was sold for $178.50!!!!
Donated to maidanua.org

Thank you again TulipGirl for helping me help Ukraine in the only way I can!


Posted by: Angel at December 17, 2004 03:36 PM


And Angel, it was wonderful seeing hte pics of the process. Fun!

Posted by: TulipGirl at December 17, 2004 06:01 PM

And I Bought the Painting Tak Oranges!

Thanks for the link - are there any more for Orange Art?

Posted by: bmp at December 18, 2004 03:13 PM

Hi! I completed another painting yesterday - I'll add it to ebay tomorrow (no access to my digital camera today).

Thanks again so much to the people who have bought the paintings I've auctioned! I'm so excited to have been able to donate the money to Maidanua.org! And thank you again to TulipGirl for helping promote the auctions and raising further awareness about the Orange Revolution!


Posted by: Angel at December 19, 2004 07:59 PM

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