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December 22, 2004

Yushchenko / Yanukovich Debate

I didn't watch the debate on Monday. My Ukrainian is rustier than my Russian, and our tv cables aren't working at all. I knew, however, I could rely on Dan to give a summary of Monday nights' Yushchenko / Yanukovich debate.

If you've been listening to Разом нас багато, you might recognize the line Ми не козли or "mi nye kozli." We're not goats!

Yanukovich called the protesters who had gathered in Independence Square, one of the foulest names in this culture. Here's my favorite part of the debate:

"Are you ready to apologize to the ten million active opposition supporters for calling them 'goats'?" asked Yuschenko. "I mean, maybe you could say they're only ten million, but they're still Ukrainians."

"I called them goats in the biblical sense, in the sense of betrayers," answered Yanukovych, which made Yushchenko laugh. . ."

Read Dan's thorough debate commentary here.


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