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December 26, 2004

Ukraine Exit Poll Results

the Center for Social Monitoring: YUSCHENKO - 58.1%, YANUKOVYCH - 38.4%

The Razumkov Center: YUSCHENKO - 56.5%, YANUKOVYCH - 41.3%,

The Interfax-Ukraine Exit Poll: YUSCHENKO - 53%, YANUKOVYCH - 41.3%

The Luntz Research Company at the request of ICTV: Yuschenko - 56%, Yanukovych - 41%

Poll numbers courtesy of InterFax.

Note: The polls have been closed for over an hour now. These polling results, to my knowledge, reflect the results from the whole day, not just part of the day (as the misleading Kerry-leading-polling was.)

(Via OrangeUkraine)


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Not to talk about American things. The Media is a little more slanted toward Kerry so I was not suprised that the polls showed him winning.

I hope that the prediciton of landslide does not hurt Yuschenko. Although I am sure he is going to win. Which is fine by me.

Posted by: Rick Zahn at December 26, 2004 09:21 PM

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