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January 05, 2005

Spam Happy

I'm just tickled with MT Blacklist and the behind-the-scenes updates that Tim has done around here. And if you like the new look, check out his other work and keep Tim in mind when you're in the market for web development gurus.

But, I've gotten delete-happy, and somehow have accidently deleted some real comments. (Sorry Mr. Strauss and Mark and others. . .) I need to be more careful. . .


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I LOVE YOUR NEW SITE! It is truly beautiful! I've just birthed my very own little blog m'self. My sweet husband will rue the day he encouraged me to do so.

I read you all the time and think you're wonderful. I've prayed for your family and your work in Ukraine and view your blog as a window into a different world. I confess to being a myopic American Christian but I'm working on that...

Take care friend-

Jan FAM :)

Posted by: Spiritual Ingenue at January 5, 2005 03:50 PM

It's about time, girl!


Posted by: TulipGirl at January 5, 2005 07:34 PM

Wow. The new site looks great! Outstanding!

Posted by: Ben at January 5, 2005 08:21 PM

yep, I finally comment on your blog (for which I'm greatly appreciative of being linked on) and you delete it... You can only imagine the dismay as I jumped out of bed this morning, ran to my PC, bounced over to the tulipgirl site and couldn't find my comment. I'm starting to feel better now that I've eaten. My co-workers coaxed me into getting some food down today. I think I'll make it.... :)

The site looks beautiful! I'm not sure if you're already using a RSS Reader, but if not, I highly recommend reBlog (www.reblog.org). I recently added their capabilities to my site and am loving not having to surf to 20-30 blogs a day (because it is such a chore, all the clicking and scrolling - technology is helping me realize a more true definition of sloth). Now the reader does the work for me and lets me read all the new content from one location. It even lets me repost the entry on my site if I so desire. In essence, I've been able to add authors to my blog without having to beg, borrow, or plead. Anyway, just a thought - I'm enjoying reading your and your husband's blogs.

Posted by: mark at January 5, 2005 08:30 PM

I was wondering where my comment about U2 went! Here I figured I'd offended you without ever even having met you face to face!

Posted by: Kim in ON at January 5, 2005 09:30 PM

Ah, well ...

Posted by: Gideon Strauss at January 6, 2005 08:11 PM

Beautiful site. I checked out Tim's "other work" - wow! You guys are a powerful one-two punch! So, yes, when my ship comes in, I'll be calling Tim ... (but don't be holding your breath *grin*).

Posted by: violet at January 7, 2005 03:33 AM

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