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January 13, 2005

Welcome New Bloggers!

I know several people that I'm excited to welcome to the blogging world:
Knitted in the Womb
Spiritual Ingenue
Really Need a Nap
Little Miss Reformed
Publius Pundit
Comment Me No Comments
and a whole slew of GCM Mamas.

So as you get started journaling online, here are some ideas I've found helpful over the last year.

First, it's nice to have a pretty blog. Play around with CSS and HTML. Hire someone like Tim or Jeri. Check out the Colors of 2005--my faves are the Desaturateds (hat tip FireEric.) Become a follower of the Scripty Goddess. Or just remember that content is king and accept having a plain-jane template for awhile.

Join The Truth Laid Bear and watch your blog go from an Insignificant Microbe to a Playful Primate. Maybe you'll even be a Higher Being one day. Track who is linking you or the news stories you're linking through Technorati. It's also fun to register at BlogTree and follow your blog's "geneology."

Also, I suggest joining a group of similar blogs. Christian ones include the Evangelical Blogroll, League of Reformed Bloggers, The Church Directory, and Blogs4God.

If you really want to get the scoop on blogging, check out Joe Carter's recent How to Start a Blog series.

Keep reading and commenting on blogs. Revel in having an organized place online for your writing and ranting. Most of all, enjoy blogging!


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Well, now, thank you very much for the gracious welcome and the welcome linkage! The tips are good, too--hadn't spotted Blogtree yet, but I'll check 'em out.

Take care,

Posted by: pgepps at January 13, 2005 03:08 PM

Oh, wow, as a new blogger I appreciate the tips. Thanks for the info. And, yes, content above all else! :o)

Posted by: Amy at January 13, 2005 06:17 PM

How does one go about joining one of the larger groups like the League of Reformed Bloggers, or Blogs4God?

Posted by: Kim in ON at January 13, 2005 06:21 PM

Hi, Amy! Nice to meet you.

Kim, there should be instructions on each of the pages I linked to. If you have difficulties, JollyBlogger is the contact person for the LORB and Adrian Warnock is for the Evangelical blogroll. Blogs4God has an easy form to fill out on their site. Hope this helps!

Yeah, you're one of the few non-girly-blogs I've recently started reading. The few, the proud. . .

Posted by: TulipGirl at January 13, 2005 08:28 PM

I just checked the Reformed Blogroll site and can't see how to join it.

Posted by: Serven at January 13, 2005 08:46 PM

LORB: What it is and how to join

That should help! *grin*

Btw, Sevren, you had asked a question last month over at Megan's that I took awhile to reply to, and I didn't know whether you had seen it. . . Dec archives.

Posted by: TulipGirl at January 13, 2005 11:32 PM

yes, I saw that you know Sasha and Debbie. Very cool. Have you heard about/connected with the Ukraine MTW group there, specifically Doug and Masha Shepherd? Also friends of ours.

Posted by: Serven at January 14, 2005 02:41 PM

Maybe I just saw what you were referring to on megan's blog - the obedience thing? I replied if that was it.

Posted by: Serven at January 15, 2005 01:02 AM

Thank you for the link my friend! My blog has been calling me and I find myself missing it when I don't get to post.

You rock sister.

Posted by: spiritual ingenue at January 15, 2005 03:49 AM

Thank you so much TulipGirl!

My best to you and your husband. You two have given me infinite good will from that hemisphere and you deserve the same :)

Posted by: Robert Mayer at January 15, 2005 08:57 PM

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