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January 10, 2005

Iran and the Internet

stop.censoring.us is a website that focuses on internet censorship in Iran. We have several Iranian friends here in Kyiv, and hearing their stories of growing up in Tehran has really opened my eyes to the oppression in that country.

I take for granted freedom of speech, freedom to put online my thoughts and feelings and rants. In Iran, however, that is not the case as stop.censoring.us reports:

"BBC Persian reports that Saeed Mortazavi has personally and directly ordered the major ISPs . . .to filter Orkut and blogging service websites.

. . .

Mortazavi has been directly involved in the recent arrests of technicians and journalists related to a few reformist websites and is said to be responsible for torturing them.

He is also the judge who has shut down almost all reformist newspapers and magazines during the past six years. . .

(Via SlashDot, via Instapundit)


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