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January 31, 2005

Dynamic Blogging Duo

New husband and wife blogging duo, Steve and Jenn, have some great posts up this week.

Steve reminisces fondly about Larry Norman and not-so-fondly about Bill Gothard:

Nineteen years old and driving around listening to "How Great Thou Art" a cappella 24/7. . . . I had "made a commitment" not to listen to CHRISTIAN ROCK!!. Yes Christian Rock...songs about Jesus that have beats and tempos not approved of by Sir Gothard. Aaaahhhhh, my friends thought I had lost it. Like a lemming to the sea I was!

Jenn addresses good hermeneutics and gives an example in her post the Latest Spiritual Gobblydeegook? She also talks about psychology and faith in Indoctrination 101:

Though there is some psychological stuff that is counter to our faith, there is some learning to be gained from the psychological community just about the general nature of people and how we respond in different scenarios. I believe this falls under the area of “general revelation” from God just as much as what I learned about biology and chemistry in college also falls under “general revelation” in understanding the beauty and intricacy of God’s physical creation.


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Hi "TulipGirl",

I don't call myself "reformed" but when Jesus Christ said “it is finished", I believe He meant it. In fact, anyone who says that the elect sinner has to meet a condition in order to be saved should take note of these biblical propositions:

1.The righteousness of God that is revealed in the gospel is His salvation of sinners based on the propitiatory sacrifice and imputed righteousness of Jesus Christ alone (Rms 3:21-4:8; 10:4; 2 Cor 5:21).

2.Those who are ignorant of the righteousness of God revealed in the gospel are going about to establish a righteousness of their own and are thus lost, no matter how zealous they are for God (Romans 10:1-3).

3.Anyone who does not abide in the doctrine of Christ is lost (2 Jn 9).

4.Anyone who speaks peace to one who brings a false gospel is lost (2 Jn 11)

"Tulipgirl", I'd be interested to know what you think of our website.


Posted by: Andrew C. Bain at January 31, 2005 03:15 AM


Even your opening page seems rather extreme, without even getting into the nitty gritty detail of your doctrinal positions, when you post this:

"We at Sovereign Redeemer Assembly agree in full with all the doctrines contained in the Christian Confession of Faith, as these doctrines are a Scriptural summary of the Christian Faith. We will not fellowship with anyone who we know opposes at least one of the doctrines contained in this Confession. We will not endorse, promote, or be a part of any church, religious group, missionary work, or denomination that we know (1) opposes at least one of the doctrines contained in this Confession or (2) has at least one member who opposes at least one of the doctrines contained in this Confession."

The name your group give yourselves, "Outside the Camp", seems to be a perfect fit, and from what I read I think you all will be outside the camp for quite sometime.


Posted by: {{{Candleman98}}} at February 7, 2005 07:43 PM

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