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February 06, 2005

Happy Birthday, Mr. President!


"There was a time when empires were defined by land mass, subjugated peoples, and military might. But the United States is unique because we are an empire of ideals. For two hundred years we have been set apart by our faith in the ideals of democracy, of free men and free markets, and of the extraordinary possibilities that lie within seemingly ordinary men and women. We believe that no power of government is as formidable a force for good as the creativity and entrepreneurial drive of the American people.

Those are the ideals that invented revolutionary technologies and a culture envied by people everywhere. This powerful sense of energy has made America synonymous for opportunity the world over. And after generations of struggle, America is the moral force that defeated communism and all those who would put the human soul itself into bondage."

From President Ronald Reagan's 1992 Republican Convention Address

President Ronald Reagan would have been 94 today. He's left quite a legacy for the US, and I'll always be thankful for him.

Our friend Erik, back-up med care for when R5 was born, shares a birthday with the Big Man. So, if you're reading in San Angelo, Happy Birthday to you, too!

(Thanks to coyote for the birthday reminder.)


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What a great tribute! He's the only president I have enthusiastically voted for in the past 24 years. May his memory live on forever.


Posted by: {{{Candleman98}}} at February 7, 2005 07:48 PM

My mother was born the same year as Reagan, just two days later. She was quite proud of the fact and loved to remark on it whenever his birthday was in the news. Alas, he outlived her by about 18 months.

Posted by: FLGrandma at February 7, 2005 09:43 PM

He was the first president that I voted for. It was his vision for America that convinced me to break from the Democrat tradition of my family. I voted for this great man for both terms, and I joined the Air Force because he gave me something to believe in. To the man, I raise my glass. In my opinion, he was the greatest president who ever served.

Posted by: Texas Confederate at October 12, 2005 10:31 AM

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