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February 27, 2005

Happy, Happy!

C4 arrived home this morning around 8 am. He had a fresh haircut, a new sweater and kolgotki, and his English had a decidely Ukrainian accent. The boys went crazy welcoming their brother home. *grin* He had a good week in the village with Babushka, and we're very happy he's home with us.

T7 lost his upper right front tooth this morning. It's been wiggly and loose all week, and we've just been waiting for it to fall out. There is a great big gap now, so whatever adult tooth comes in shouldn't be squished.

I was inspired by Jordana, but didn't quite have the ingredents on hand for her soup. So we have a modified chicken rice soup simmering on the stove. I discovered celeriac in the past few months--it's a root veggie that tastes like celery. I've only occasionally found celery here, but celeric is ubiquitous.

Happy, peaceful Sunday afternoon. . .


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I'm glad you are all back together and complete again. You are a brave and trusting mama to let one of your munchkins be gone for so long! I've officially flipped out the very few times we've ever left the girls for two days (it hasn't happend often) - I can't imagine having one of them go with someone else for a whole week! I'm a control freak, I guess...

Posted by: Megan at February 28, 2005 06:00 AM

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