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March 04, 2005

On Birthin' Babies

Jenn and Carmon are writing on various aspects of birth, safety and homebirth. I recommend them for anyone who is "in the family way."

Like Carmon, I want to be sure mamas know that,

While Iím a strong advocate of home birth, I am not so dogmatic that I think poorly of women who have their babies in the hospital. Most of my friends have had their babies in the hospital! Iíve also lived long enough to learn that the ideal may be something to strive for, but God sometimes has different plans.

Birthing resources online:
Parenting Decisions: Birth Comfort Ideas
GCM: Cradled in Our Womb Resources
Carmon's Top 10 Birth Ideas
Knitted in the Womb
Birth Well Doula

(Btw, I just remembered that Hubby wrote a run-down of our birthing experiences. Just remember while reading them, they are from a guy's perspective. . .)


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