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April 15, 2005

Notes on Healthy Immunization

These are notes from my friend Penny on giving immunizations in a way that maximizes the benefits and minimizes the risks. I'm posting them as a reference point, as we get our boys caught up on the immunizations. As with all health care concerns, I encourage you to do your own research and make the best decision for your family.

On Immunization
Presented by Stephanie Cave, M.D. under the topic of "Chelating Heavy Metals". Dr. Cave's special interests are in autism, ADHD, allergy, environmental health issues and nutritional medicine. She is in practice w/ Dr. Amy Holmes and has been instrumental in developing the proper chelation procedure for heavy metals in spectrum children.

She practices in Baton Rouge, LA.

*Use thimerosal free vaccines. (no mercury)
*Do not vaccinate ill children.
*Space vaccines where possible. Do not try to cover 9 organisms in 1 day.
*Give Vitamin C before and after (150 mg to babies, 300 mgs to older children)
*Use DTaP consistently
*Monitor children and report problems
*No live vaccines to immunodeficient children
*No vaccines if child is allergic to one of the components (yeast-Hep B) (eggs-MMR) (neomyacin-MMR or varicella)
*Give natural form of Vitam A and keep at a safe level for age (cod liver oil)
*Separate MMR into 3 components
*Delay HepB until 4 yrs of age if not in daycare
*Delay Varicella until 4 or 5 if not immune
*Give vaccine titres before boosters @4 or 5 years of age and only vaccinate for the ones needed. (Don't give MMR to a child who only needs measles vaccine.)
*Keep children on nutrient rich diets
*Limit environmental exposure as much as possible

VACCINE SCHEDULE (all thimerisol free)
8 MONTHS - Hib
15 MONTHS - measles
21 MONTHS - Mumps
27 MONTHS - Rubella
4-5 years - Varicella
4-5 years - Hep B
4-5 years - DTaP IPV booster
4-5 years - Test titres for MMR and do not give unless immune. Immunize only for vaccines found to be negative.


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The BEST immunization is breastfeeding.

I believe that my vaccinations caused me to have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 10 years, and they also caused severe eczema in my firstborn.

I just had to comment because vaccination is to me, like Ezzo is to you.

Posted by: Carol at April 15, 2005 05:51 PM

Funny - I had you pegged as an anti-immunizer (is that a word?)! :) Just goes to show what assuming does... hee hee. This info is pretty interesting. Thanks for sharing it.

Posted by: Megan at April 15, 2005 09:15 PM

Carol, thanks for the kind way you said that. I hear you. *grin* I totally agree with you about the b/fing thing--C4 has not rec'd any shots yet, but was breastfed until 3.

Honestly, I'm conflicted about immunizations. (You were half right, Megan!) My friend Penny (from whom I rec'd this info) believes that immunizations were a *factor* though not the cause of her daughter's autism. And consequently, her info on what to do *if* you immunize to help kids I take seriously.

Carol, I promise I'll do more research and talk with Hubby before proceeding. At this point he's pro-vax, except for HepB. The stuff they told him about that in the army made him think it's crazy to give it to kids.

Posted by: TulipGirl at April 16, 2005 08:42 AM

True Confession:

I am really interested in delayed vaxing, but I decided to forgo it because of the unreasonable amount of copays I'd be paying to do it that way. *blush*

I hate hate the way the insurance system is set up in the US.

Posted by: kristen at April 16, 2005 10:54 AM

We tried for a long time to get the MMR in separate shots, but the health department never could get there hands on it. The doctors always try to guilt us into getting the MMR together saying that it is much less painful to have one shot rather than three shots.

As much as I hate seeing our little ones in pain the doctors reasoning does not pan out.

Posted by: gid at April 19, 2005 10:11 AM


I spent a long time on the phone with the health dep't yesterday. While the lady was nice, it was such a hassle. I didn't even *get* to my questions about separating the MMR.

One perk of homeschooling--not needing to get immunization documentation for schools. *grin*

Posted by: TulipGirl at April 19, 2005 10:36 AM

Our oldest daughter, Bard, had an extreme reaction to her DTaP and then attended the funeral of a child who died of "SIDS" within twenty-four hours of their first vacs. I hadn't really considered doing anything OTHER than vaccinating until this point. And then I read, read, read all I could get my hands on about vacs. With subsequent children, I chose extended breastfeeding and general healthy living. The only vacs they've had are tetanus (after age two), because we live on a farm and I felt that the risks of getting tetanus were higher than the risks of the vac. I, guess that I agree with Carol that I feel about vacs like you do about Ezzo. It's important to be very, very well informed. You're on the right track. :-)

Posted by: thicket dweller at April 28, 2005 03:56 AM

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