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June 10, 2005

Aromatherapy Recipes

Tension Tamer Blend

1 oz carrier oil
5 drops lavender
5 drops lemon
5 drops rosemary
Directions: Mix oils well in a clean, dark-colored glass container. Use during times of stress. Especially good for back rubs to help calm upset children.

Moon Massage Mix

1 ounce carrier oil such as sweet almond
15 drops Peppermint
10 drops Cypress
5 drops Lavender
Directions: Mix oils well in a clean, dark-colored glass container. Gently message a small amount into the abdominal area during your menstrual period.

I used both of these aromatherapy massage oils regularly. Sometimes instead of a massage, I add them to epsom salts for the bath. Recipes gleaned from information found at AromaWeb.


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It is wonderful to see there are others who love aromatherapy. I incorporate that into my daily lifestyle. The majority of the products I create and sell have essential oils added. The only ones that do not are the unscented products.

Posted by: VeganMomma at June 17, 2005 12:35 PM

Mmmmmmm I can smell it already! I use chamomile and lavendar often with the kids, especially in the bathwater. Thanks for the recipes. We use lavendar oil in our homemade baby wipes too.

Posted by: Jess at June 18, 2005 12:08 AM

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