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June 29, 2005


In Russian, the word that looks like TOCTEP is said and means "toaster." It's in a board book we own.

Today C4 sounded it out in English. T-oh-ck-t-ee-p. Doesn't make sense in English, but he READ it in English!


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In the film The Terminal, one of the few moments which really amused me is when Tom Hanks potential romantic interest asks him, "Why does your belt buckle say B H?" He sticks out his hand and says "Viktor Navorsky." I think I only liked it because I figure most people wouldn't get it.

Posted by: Paul Baxter at June 30, 2005 09:39 AM

Oh, how I love a good Pestopah!

That's great, at least you know your son is sounding things out instead of just recognizing words.

Posted by: The Mommy Blawger at June 30, 2005 11:44 AM

This is FUNNY. My dh does this all the time too :)
See, C4 reads Russian :)

Posted by: tanya at July 13, 2005 08:43 PM

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