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July 15, 2005

Finding "God's Way" in Parenting

The class ended, and we "graduated'. I was so excited aboout all the knowledge we had acquired -I felt like I had *THE* key to parenting, and couldn't understand why everyone that I told about it wasn't as excited as I was. I so wanted "likeminded" friends, and began to struggle over whether or not to continue friendships with non-Ezzo families. I was very worried about the potentially negative influence on Susannah by those children who were not being raised "God's way". I was feeling a little isolated, but was finally confident in my parenting - I just KNEW that I was doing the right thing and raising Susannah the right way.

Well, as life will, things changed. In a relatively short period of time, I got pregnant, had a *major* falling out with my best friend, my sister moved away, my husband's company fell apart, and our church split. Suddenly, some of those black and white "principles" weren't working in what was our new reality. . .


SandKsmama has posted part one of her experience with Growing Kids Gary's Way. I hope she's able to post part two online soon!

Many parents I have spoken to have said they finally realized that they weren't alone, when they started reading about the experiences of other families who used Ezzo's ideas. They saw that the struggles they had were not because they weren't being consistent with the principles--but that the ideas were flawed and not good for their families.

Read more stories from Ezzo parents at Voices of Experience.

This post is part of the Ezzo Week 2005 series focusing on Gary Ezzo's parenting teachings.


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I just read the first story in the link you provided and what that family went through makes me ill. That poor, poor hungry baby.

Posted by: Deputyheadmistress at July 15, 2005 11:02 PM

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